Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. Can I file my reward request online?

  2. Do I need to send in my original sales receipt?

  3. I've lost my sales invoice, sales receipt or order acknowledgement what should I do?

  4. I purchased online and have no receipt, how do I redeem my rebate?

  5. I submitted my reward request after the postmark/submit by date specified in the offer details. Will I still qualify?

  6. Do I have to give my email address?

  7. Can I submit for more than one reward on the same product?

  8. How can I check the status of my reward?

  9. What does my Claim status mean?

  10. How do I contact you with questions?

  11. What is a "UPC"?

  12. What is meant by "Original UPC"?

  13. How long does it take for my Visa Card to expire?

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